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You wouldn’t believe the kind of ridiculous stuff that people try to get away with on the internet. These policies are in place to protect WEB GUY X LLC from scammers, and to protect you from scams. A lot of this language is strongly worded, and no offense is intended.

By using this site, you agree that you will not reproduce any of the information on this site without express written permission from WEB GUY X LLC. Further, you agree that by using this site, you are over 18 years old. WEB GUY X LLC reserves the right to refuse to process any order for any reason.

Purchases and Warranties

WEB GUY X LLC makes it clear with all third-party software, licenses, and memberships that those agreements are between the provided and the client. Hourly service provided by WEB GUY X LLC is not subject to any specific refund policy, however in fairness and integrity, Adam always makes sure to do no harm.


Any private information that you provide to WEB GUY X LLC will be held in the strictest confidence. No other use of your private information will every be permitted by WEB GUY X LLC . WEB GUY X LLC will not share, and will definitely not sell your information to anyone, for any reason.


This site uses cookies, just like every other website, obviously. By using this website, your computer is automatically sharing information about your internet usage to other websites. For example, if you have ever used social media, then all kinds of information about you is already stored and shared between many different websites. It’s how the internet works, and there is nothing WEB GUY X LLC can do about it. If you don’t want information about your internet usage being shared, then don’t use the internet.


WEB GUY X LLC complies with The General Data Protection Regulation. This means that WEB GUY X LLC only uses the private information that you provide to us for providing you with resolution to support issues.

Further, if you ever want to request that WEB GUY X LLC delete your account, along with any personally identifying information, then WEB GUY X LLC will do so immediately, as none of those details are relevant to paying taxes.

Contact Adam to delete any of your information that WEB GUY X LLC may have.

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No Spam Guarantee

No Spam Guarantee

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