Mission Statement

To provide digital consulting and development services that result in widespread awareness and access to earth-friendly, non-toxic, and heart-centered services and products; to assist clients in discovering their purpose; to the codification, measurement, and verification of policies that specifically result in positive social and environmental impact, in alignment with each client’s purpose; to hire inclusively for positions at all levels of employment, including the board of directors; to use this business as a force for good.

Giving Mission

Web Guy X LLC is listed among New Jersey’s Benefit Corporations, a new type of legal business structure for the purpose of generating a positive social and environmental impact. Web Guy X LLC pledges to make a financial contribution of 5% or more, plus at least 100 volunteer hours to charitable organizations and causes each year.

Environmental Policy

Here at Web Guy X LLC we commit to sharing this environmental policy with all stakeholders. First, that we commit to continually improve through measurement and review of our policies twice annually. Second, that we respect the environmental laws governing the State of New Jersey. Third, that we train all employees to uphold the following areas of environmental responsibility:


Trash Bin vs. Recycle Bin (Compost bin planned for Q3 2018)
The kitchen, the restroom, and each desk are equipped with trash and recycling bins.
All “trash” will be measured using a luggage scale prior to entering the exterior receptacle. Measurement is needed to track progress towards reduction of non-recyclable waste.
All “recycling” will be collapsed and placed in exterior receptacle without plastic bag or other binding.
Large items that will not fit in the exterior receptacles will be placed in storage closet and prepared for “bulk pickup” via once-monthly call to township.

Lights and other electronics

Lights will use energy efficient LED bulbs.
Surge protectors and other electronic devices will be unplugged when not in use to reduce “vampire voltage”.
Lights remain off when natural lighting is a suitable alternative.


Equipped with non-disposable dining ware and utensils.
Only biodegradable janitorial products are used in this facility.
Personal hygiene amenities are all non-toxic and biodegradable (hand soaps, sanitizers, toothpaste, lotions, etc).
Web Guy X LLC is enrolled with Green Mountain Energy® to provide 100% renewable energy from wind and solar resources.


New appliance purchases must be Energy Star® certified.
Current certified appliances include the printer, washer and dryer, and the air conditioner.
Our double-paned windows are encouraged whenever possible to deter usage of the air conditioner or electric space heaters. There is no central HVAC in use.


The kitchen is equipped with a Berkey water filter which has been provided for access to purified water and to deter the use of bottled beverages altogether.
“Low-flow” is applicable to our shower head, toilet, and kitchen sink faucet. Restroom sink on schedule for 2018.
Exterior hose line is disabled except when is use. Lawn sprinkler system has been disabled.


Web Guy X LLC uses an eco-friendly printer with refillable tanks.
We use recycled printer paper.


Formal training in new equipment and procedures with respect to their environmental effects.
On-going promotion of educational resources (usually via social media) that will help to encourage better behavior and environmental habits.


See something, say something with regard to any unintended negative environmental impact if and when it is identified.
Bi-Monthly inspection of the facility for areas to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution from leaks and noise.


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, particularly with regard to packaging materials.
Use biodegradable janitorial and hygiene supplies.
Avoid CFC’s and other known pollutants.
Prefer used or recycled alternatives to new materials whenever possible.
Batteries and other hazardous e-waste to be responsibly recycled through Best Buy’s recycling program.


Review the environmental policy of all parties in the supply chain.
Initiate discussions about environmental issues with suppliers.


Include employees in the review and improvement of these policies.
Seek out opportunities to get involved in local environmental improvement.
Publish these policies on our website for our customers to review.

Stated Objectives

Composting in Q3.
Acquisition of Energy Star efficient appliances only.
Electric hybrid vehicle (until full availability of charging stations for electric is realized)

Programming Designed

Measure trash output towards overall reduction, and recognition of opportunities to further reduce, recycle, compost, donate, or upcycle.
Measure energy use and continually register for carbon credits towards maintaining carbon neutral/carbon balance.

I chose to support this particular program because of one of my clients. The work their family has been doing in Tanzania for decades to help the indigenous people in that area to thrive really impressed upon me the need to offer whatever support we can. See my 2017 Impact Report

Code of Ethics


We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all our dealings with potential, current and past clients, both in terms of normal commercial confidentiality, and the protection of all personal information received in the course of providing the business services concerned. We extend the same standards to all our customers, suppliers and associates.


We always conduct our own services honestly and honourably, and expect our clients and suppliers to do the same. Our advice, strategic assistance and the methods imparted through our training, take proper account of ethical considerations, together with the protection and enhancement of the moral position of our clients and suppliers.

Duty of care

Our actions and advice will always conform to relevant law, and we believe that all businesses and organizations, including this consultancy, should avoid causing any adverse effect on the human rights of people in the organizations we deal with, the local and wider environments, and the well-being of society at large.

Conflict of interest

Due to the sensitive nature of our particular consultancy services, we will not provide a service to a direct competitor of a client, and we generally try to avoid any dealings with competitor companies even after the cessation of services to a client.


Our contract will usually be in the form of a detailed proposal, including aims, activities, costs, timescales and deliverables. The quality of our service and the value of our support provide the only true basis for continuity. We always try to meet our clients’ contractual requirements, and particularly for situations where an external funding provider requires more official parameters and controls.


Our fees are always competitive for what we provide, which is high quality, tailored, specialised service. As such we do not generally offer arbitrary discounts; generally a reduction in price is only enabled by reducing the level or extent of services to be delivered. That said, we always try to propose solutions which accommodate our clients’ available budgets and timescales. Wherever possible we agree our fees and basis of charges clearly in advance, so that we and our clients can plan reliably for what lies ahead, and how it is to be achieved and financially justified.


We aim to be as flexible as possible in the way that our services our charged. Some clients prefer fixed project fees; others are happier with retainers, and we try to fit in with what will be best for the client. We make no attempt to charge interest on late payments, so we expect payments to be made when agreed. Our terms are generally net monthly in arrears.

Intellectual property and moral rights

We retain the moral rights in, and ownership of, all intellectual property that we create unless agreed otherwise in advance with our clients. In return we respect the moral and intellectual copyright vested in our clients’ intellectual property.

Quality assurance

We maintain the quality of what we do through constant ongoing review with our clients, of all aims, activities, outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of every activity. We encourage regular review meetings and provide regular progress reports. This consultancy has been accredited under a number of quality assurance schemes. Further details are available on request.

Professional conduct

We conduct all of our activities professionally and with integrity. We take great care to be completely objective in our judgement and any recommendations that we give, so that issues are never influenced by anything other than the best and proper interests of our clients.

Equality and discrimination

We always strive to be fair and objective in our advice and actions, and we are never influenced in our decisions, actions or recommendations by issues of gender, race, creed, colour, age or personal disability.

Preferred Vendors

As much as possible, try to always choose a B Corp supplier as a replacement for any every-day use in the kitchen and elsewhere, such as:

  • Seventh Generation
  • Ecover
  • Full Circle
  • Shea Moisture
  • Cabot Creamery
  • New Chapter
  • Stonyfield Farm
  • Warby Parker


All things being equal, hiring shall prefer underrepresented groups when breaking a tie for employment application. Further, new positions and openings shall seek to promote availability where underrepresented groups will have first access.

Whistleblower Policy

If any employee reasonably believes that some policy, practice, or activity of Web Guy X LLC is in violation of law, a written complaint may be filed by that employee with the Chief Executive Officer.

It is the intent of Web Guy X LLC to adhere to all laws and regulations that apply to the organization, and the underlying purpose of this Policy is to support the organization’s goal of legal compliance. The support of all employees is necessary to achieving compliance with various laws and regulations. An employee is protected from retaliation only if the employee brings the alleged unlawful activity, policy, or practice to the attention of Web Guy X LLC and provides Web Guy X LLC with a reasonable opportunity to investigate and correct the alleged unlawful activity. The protection described below is only available to employees that comply with this requirement.

Web Guy X LLC will not retaliate against an employee who, in good faith, has made a protest or raised a complaint against some practice of Web Guy X LLC, or of another individual or entity with whom Web Guy X LLC had a business relationship, on the basis of a reasonable belief that the practice is in violation of law or a clear mandate of public policy.

Web Guy X LLC will not retaliate against an employee who discloses or threatens to disclose to a supervisor or a public body any activity, policy, or practice of Web Guy X LLC that the employee reasonably believes is in violation of a law, or a rule, or regulation mandated pursuant to law or is in violation of a clear mandate or public policy concerning health, safety, welfare, or protection of the environment.


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