Hi, I’m Adam

My parents bought our first family computer in the early 1980s, and I built my first website when I was just a teenager. Since college, I’ve worked in startups, small studios, and advertising agencies in New York, Boston, and Washington DC. Folks have always come to me for computer help, and I believe it is my life’s work to plug people in. I know that, because I love doing it so very much. Actually, my very favorite thing to do is discover some fresh new code, and then come up with a brilliant use for someone I care about it. So, that’s why people call me the Web Guy Extraordinaire.

Do you know what you want and need a guy who can get it done?

As a full-stack developer, I’m available to provide leading-edge web programming in addition to graphic design services. I am fully proficient in the Adobe Creative Cloud; from PhotoShop and Illustrator to After Effects to name a few. I’ll use HTML5, CSS3, jQUERY, JavaScript, PHP, and mySQL to build your custom solution. Ruby, REST API, Angular, Backbone, Node and other .js services are also available. Your brand identity is in good hands.

Sharing your goals with me – as well as your challenges – helps me to develop uniquely customized solutions. Whether you are thinking about building a website from scratch or just need some one-on-one computer training, I’m here to help make it all possible, and I’m here to build it correctly the first time.

As a human resource, I would also like to suggest that I would be most effective with a behance fit. I consider myself like a watch maker. The crystal inside is the purpose, in other words, the intent to serve the 5 impact areas outlined in the B Corp handbook. The gears, like the 12 systems of the human body, must operate in harmony towards growth and contribution, with consistent and reliable operation. I understand complex systems, and I leave it to specialists to embellish and decorate the fully formed mechanism. Similar in a way to having a healthy body, and then having the hair styled and the outfit tailored.

I’m not a Jack of all trades, neither am I one thing only to the world. I’m more like Dan Aykroyd, successful actor AND Blues Brother.

I believe the better you feel, the more you can do, and You can do anything. Let me show you where to click!

Reach me by Email: Adam@WebGuyX.com
or by Phone: +1 888.841.4365


“Adam has a knack for finding effective ways to interact with your target audience!”
Michelle Stevens - Founder - The Refill Shoppe
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“You cannot reinvent a business without reinventing the person who is leading that business.” - Peter Sage

As a graduate of Sage Business School and a certified level 3 instructor, I can guide you through practical implementation of the H2H principles taught by Peter Sage. Are you ready to transform your life and your business?

B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Why Become a B Corp? What if you could lower your tax liability and reduce your overhead, send your kids to NYU or Columbia for free, and charge more for federal contracts? transform your life and your business?

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