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Lancrest came to me with their own original design and asked me to build a modern e-commerce website for them. A little over ten years ago, the most versatile and popular shopping cart program was undoubtedly ZenCart – and while the first version was built this way – ZenCart’s rulership was short-lived. When Magento popped onto the scene, it offered a much more intuitive user interface, stronger security, and overall just had more features. It did not take very long at all to move the products and design to this new system.

For the homepage, I used Flash animation to make a fading slideshow and added a soundtrack with a mute button. Now, I don’t normally approve of auto-loading music on webpages, but in this instance it works! I then made extensive customizations to Magento’s default category view. I added the ability to see product dimensions and additional product angles on mouse hover, which saves Lancrest’s customers a lot of time when picking out their moldings. home fade screenshot hover popup screenshot

Search Google for “buy moldings” and you’ll get over 11 million results. Lancrest Moldings has maintained their position in the top ten, mostly due to the exceptional quality of their product descriptions!

Years ago, having keywords in your domain was a major search engine optimization ranking factor. Although this is not the case according to today’s SEO techniques, having owned the EMD (exact match domain) of for so long has been effective for Lancrest.

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