Hans wanted to maintain his news and portfolio sections easily. I recommended that we use WordPress; due in part to the exceptional support provided through the developer, “Brooklyn” is one of the most popular themes around based upon its robust capabilities. The theme is automatically mobile friendly, and we chose to use it as a base for this development.

A Google search for “Hans Haveron” returns over 7,000 results! After Hans chose the articles he preferred to reference in his blog, I loaded them into the website with a link to the original source. I then created a Google News alert to ensure that any and all mentions of Hans are monitored.
Create Hans Haveron Google Alert
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The first challenge was the built in portfolio plugin. It just wasn’t as mobile friendly as we would have liked, and therefore not the ideal fit. I did some research and decided to install PhotoSwipe. The plugin features a filterable, variable-size, masonry gallery, a full screen lightbox, and a share feature. Works like a charm!

With the “Brooklyn” theme, our favorite built-in feature was the full-screen video background that ties the entire homepage together. Now, all themes do still need some custom development and creative problem solving, and while this theme has a lot to offer, this is where it gets tricky: video background is not supported on mobile! Yet, I created a custom-tailored solution to solve that problem. I’m proud to say that the the mobile experience of this website is just as solid as the desktop version.

animated GIF of Hans Haveron muralistanimated GIF of Hans Haveron muralistanimated GIF of Hans Haveron muralist

We put finishing touches on the website, connected to Hans’ Big Cartel shop, and optimized the portfolio for search engines with a unique title and description for each image.

What can I say about building a website for Hans Haveron? First of all, Hans is such a great guy. So positive. So creative. He had everything organized, with a straightforward vision of what he wanted. It was truly an honor to bring his vision to life. This site was built in less than 20 hours.


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